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Need to plan a trip 


Need to plan a trip 

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If you wish to allow positiveness into your life, then you should let go of the ego. The notion of “I”. Let go of selfish thought. We are all children of the universe. Our individual energies run together into a much bigger energy system that encompasses the very vibration of our being. By judging others, we are subconsciously looking into ourselves. Ask yourself, “Is this person’s actions reflecting me or that which I judge?” Ask yourself, “Is this person showing me a lesson in life that I may take away and grow from?” The ego only stands in the way of embracing humanity as a collective conscious.Comment if you agree?

Link 1 Jul Transiting North Node enters Libra 2014 - Make Love Not War |»

@adaptchangeevolve:  This is scary accurate! Any astrologers out there?

Link 4 Jun Reset The Net»

I just supported Reset The Net on @ThunderclapIt // @fightfortheftr

Link 4 May (re)start the Mayday PAC»

I just supported (re)start the Mayday PAC on @ThunderclapIt // @lessig

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amethystforpresident: I know I’ve mentioned marc before and this time I’m ecstatic. By reading marc’s words, I am more secure about my role in the universal will. Astromarc helped me to reach out for my inner strengths.  So, If you are searching for an answer or a deeper meaning for existence, I urge you to use this free, uplifting, and in-depth horoscope. Much Love <3

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A gentleman tries to banish from his bearing all traces of violence and arrogance, to remove from his actions all insincerity, to purge from his speech all vulgarity and impropriety.


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Fabulous and Huge Amethyst Geode Cross Section


Fabulous and Huge Amethyst Geode Cross Section


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When we scratch the wound and give into our addictions we do not allow the wound to heal. But when we instead experience the raw quality of the itch or pain of the wound and do not scratch it, we actually allow the wound to heal.
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